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Saturday, 28 May 2011

A question of taste

‘What else can we use truffles for,’ asked Gully one day. We were reviewing our permaculture plan and having trouble thinking beyond truffle oil, which we were planning to make with the byproduct of our aquaculture process. ‘What about truffle honey,’ asked Gully. This notion, I found highly amusing – Gully detested honey and had yet to taste a truffle and so I felt I had licence to guffaw at his pitiful ignorance. ‘Truffle honey!’ I laughed, with deep scorn. ‘What a completely insane idea! I mean, what kind of idiot would eat that? It’s like eating Brussels sprouts ice-cream,’ I continued as Gully turned back to the computer screen. ‘Or fudge-covered steak, or jam tarts with gravy, or …’

‘Well, would you just look at this little lot.’ said Gully.

It appears that when ‘truffle honey’ is typed into Google, 4,300,000 results come up in 0.11 seconds. If you like spending around 12 quid a jar, it is possible to buy acacia honey with black truffle, Cotswold white truffle honey, truffle honey with brie – and that little selection is just from the top 10 hits.

‘We’ll do that then,’ I said ungraciously, stomping out of the room.

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